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Features for Candidates

What India Dash Offeres to Candidates

Search A Perfect Job-      A perfect job search portal has ‘Perfect Job Search’ option as it allows Job Seekers freedom to search and apply for jobs available not only in his/her own State but anywhere in the India.

Home Page- It has an all-encompassing user-specific Home Page, containing resume posting and resume editing option, step-by-step user guide and job search button all in one place. Hence,job portal website development embedded with such a feature makes it easy for Job Seekers to post resumes on jobs of their choices.

Additional Search- Additional Search’ is a key feature of the perfect Job Search Portal. It provides area-specific job search results, for example, Rajasthan, India, or anywhere in the India. Additional Search makes Job Portal smarter.

Keywords Searching by Keywords renders job search a lot easier. It allows the user to search area specific, skill specific, or knowledge specific keywords and he/she gets results accordingly. Further filter down can show the city or state-specific job search results.

Easy 5 type Job Find- Perfect job portal does not confuse between part-time and full-time jobs. It filters results based on users’ choices, either part-time or full-time. Someone might want to apply for a full-time job while others for part-time. Etc.

Job Alerts- t sends alerts to users whenever new jobs are being posted. If this feature is not available on your online job portal development process, it would lose its purpose then.

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